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At Platinum Chiropractic, we believe there should be no surprises in healthcare.

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The Platinum Difference

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Many people come to us because they have symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle tension, headaches or migraines, reduced strength, poor sleep, or a reduced quality of life. They are tired of covering up their symptoms with medication and therapy and are looking for real solutions to the underlying cause of their symptoms.
Imagine your body is an electrical system, sending messages from your brain out and back to the tips of your fingers, toes, organs, and muscles 1,000 times/second. Now imagine a fuse is tripped in that electrical system. What happens? Everything goes DARK!!!! Now, signals from your brain can’t get through to your back, you start having pain, tingling, numbness, or even sciatica and struggle to pick up your child. Or a fuse in your neck goes dark, causing you to have headaches and reducing your quality of sleep.
At Platinum Chiropractic we focus on Neuro-Structural Correction, making sure your system, or any part of it, never goes dark. By neuro we are talking about your brain and nerves; your electrical system.
Structure refers to the bones that house and protect that system. Think of your spine as the foundation of your home. If the foundation shifts, what happens to the rest of your home? Cracks in the walls and foundation, doors and windows that are hard to open, and electrical system that blows fuses and flickers lights?
We can conceal these “symptoms” by continually covering the cracks, putting more screws in the floor, or applying lubrication in the window rails. However, the structure of the building is still in a shifted state and these conditions will continue to occur. . . again and again, until the underlying cause is corrected.
At Platinum Chiropractic we believe in you! Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself and your spine is the foundation of your body. We are here to care for it, so you can heal and get back to living, and loving, your life.

We invite you to come in for a Complimentary Consultation. This is an opportunity to sit down with the doctor and talk about how we can best work together. Your Complimentary Consultation is a conversation, not a commitment or examination. We are upfront with you about what you can expect in our office and also what we expect from you, so you can make the best decision possible. Schedule your’s here.

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