Stress You Can Feel -- But Not See

If the foundation of a house shifts from its normal structural alignment, the resulting damage can be devastating... 1) Cracks in the walls, 2) creaky floorboards, and 3) windows that don't open properly, are just a few of the symptoms of the underlying cause: a structural shift of the foundation.

Similar to the foundation of a house, structural damage to the spine may be the underlying cause of a myriad of symptoms. Simply bandaging your symptoms is unlikely to correct the true cause of your condition, and may eventually lead to further spinal decay and more aggressive deterioration.

But we can help! 

When I ask patients about their stress levels, they almost always recount the various emotional stresses they’re facing.
But there are two other types of stress, chemical and physical, and each takes a toll on your nervous system.
For today, I want to talk about one particular physical stress that is so rampant, so universal, that many of us are unaware of its relentless effects on our spine and nervous system.
And what's worse, we’d never want this stress to end!
It’s not slips and falls. Or car accidents. Or even a sagging mattress.
It’s gravity!
Eventually, gravity wins.
But until then, let’s put up a fight. Neuro-Structural Chiropractic care can help.