30 Day Health Challenge Day 30

Tomorrow is the last day of the Platinum Chiropractic 30 Day Health Challenge. Finish Strong!

For Day 30: Come to our Grand Opening Party for our new practice location in Santa Clara, California.  For participating in the 30 Day Health Challenge you will receive an additional raffle ticket to be eligible to win the following prizes:

30 Day Health Challenge Day 28

With only three challenges left, lets take a moment to be grateful.

Day 28: List 10 Things You Are Grateful For.

Share your Gratitude List on your Facebook page or your Instagram and include #platinumchirochallenge so we can find it. 

You will be entered in a raffle to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card sponsored by BlueJ, a corporate wellness and team management company. In fact, if you have been enjoying this challenge so far, you can thank Janet from BlueJ.

You must post by Monday 9/11 at 11pm to be eligible.

30 Day health Challenge Day 24

For Day 24 we are focusing on Hip Mobility: 5 Minutes Each Side. Accumulate 5 minutes each side throughout the day, in intervals no less than 1 minute each.

This is an excellent stretch because it can be done while sitting, something we all spend a lot of time doing. You should feel the stretch on the hip of the leg that is bent. Check out Dr. Karo's full video on Instagram and Facebook.


30 Day Health Challenge Day 23

Day 23: No Artificial Sugars. You should all be pros at this one by now! #platinumchirochallenge

Below are some illustrations from the National Geographic article "Sugar Love" by Richard Cohen in the August 2013 issue. 22.7 teaspoons a day! That "is how much sugar the average American eats each day." As you can see in the illustrations, the American Heart Association's recommended daily limit for an adult male is 9 tsp. This amount is shown via the blue line. Take a look at how much of that daily limit is met with only 8 oz of low fat fruit yogurt.

30 Day Health Challenge Day 21

Tomorrow is your next chance to win a prize: a jar of yogurt from Living Cultures Superfoods

Day 21: Add Vegetables to Every Meal

To qualify for this week's prize: Take a picture of your best vegetable filled meal and include the recipe in the caption. Post it on Facebook or your Instagram page and include #platinumchirochallenge.

Our guest judges from Living Cultures Superfood will vote on the winning picture and the winner will receive a 16oz jar of Living Cultures yogurt. 

You must post your picture by Monday 9/4 at 11pm to be eligible.

30 Day Health Challenge Day 19

Tomorrow is Day 19, Friday and everyone's favorite mobility challenge: Couch Stretch. This time accumulate 4 minutes on each side, in intervals no less than one minute each. check Facebook for the video on how to do a couch stretch. #platinumchirochallenge

Dr. Karo getting a jump start on Day 19's couch stretches.

30 Day Health Challenge Day 18

Find yourself feeling stressed? Then you are in luck. For tomorrow, Day 18: Take 5 Deep Breathes Twice throughout the day. 

Deep breathing, also called abdominal breathing or belly breathing, is done via breathing in through your nose to fully fill your lungs, rising your lower belly, and then slowly exhaling through your mouth. Deep breathing allows your diaphragm to utilize its full range of motion and is associated with lowering stress levels. #platinumchirochallenge

30 Day Health Challenge Day 14

Day 14 is a perfect way to spend your Sunday, a 15-Minute Walk Outside.

This week's raffle: A $50 Gift Certificate to Whole Foods courtesy of Fairprice Movers!

To qualify: Take a scenic picture from you walk. Post it on YOUR Facebook and/or Instagram page and include #platinumchirochallenge so we can find it.

The picture with the MOST likes will win. If you post on both Facebook and Instagram, “likes” will be cumulative. The deadline for most “likes” will be 8/27 at 11pm.

30 Day Health Challenge Day 13

The weekend is here! Lets celebrate by getting back into those couch stretches. Day 13: Couch Stretch for 3 minutes each side.... are you noticing a pattern? 

The couch stretch is excellent for combating all of the sitting we do in our daily lives. When we sit we are actively shortening and damaging our hips! The couch stretch helps to bring this back to balance. This improves hip extension and knee flexion and thereby "turning on" your glutes. An elastic band, like pictured here adds many pounds of tractioning force to your hip which creates a more targeted and stronger stretch.