Concussions, Dementia, & Chiropractic Care

NFL Lawsuit on Concussions

Jim McMahon, former Chicago Bears quarterback, speaks to an audience at Chelsea Piers Stamford, CT about being a patient of Dr. Scott Rosa, a cranio-cervical specialist, and Dr. Rosa's procedure on treating cranio-cervical issues.
Thursday, January, 16th, 2014. Photo: Mark Conrad

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen all of the attention recently put towards concussions and their long lasting effects, especially when it comes to football. Even Netflix made a movie called "Concussion" staring Will Smith and based on the true story of Dr. Omalu linking NFL players' concussions and brain disorders.

In almost all concussive cases there is high likeliness for trauma to the spine, causing spinal shifts. Anytime the spine has a shift in one or more of its vertebrae (spinal segment), it creates a poor foundation and reduces nerve function leading to secondary conditions (symptoms). If gone untreated with specific adjustments, spinal shifts cause nerve pressure and damage to vital tissues which causes a cascade of poor health and eventually disease.  

Jim McMahon, former Chicago Bears quarterback, recently spoke about his successful treatment with Dr. Scott Rosa, a chiropractor who focuses on treating cranio-cervical issues (head and upper neck). Below are some excerpts from an article in the Stamford Advocate and McMahon's treatment and results. 

  • "McMahon was diagnosed with dementia several years ago and said his physical pain is diminishing while his short term memory loss has improved since receiving the treatments." 
  • "I feel great now," McMahon said. "My head is much more clear now, but the biggest difference is physically I feel much better."
  • The upright MRI revealed McMahon had spinal fluid cooling in his brain and a rotation of the vertebrae in his neck which was leading to his condition.
  • After the diagnosis, McMahon went to Dr. Rosa, a chiropractor, who was able to adjust McMahon's neck, leading to immediate relief.
  • "It felt like a toilet flushed in my head. I felt better immediately," McMahon said. "The only time I felt better before that was when I was lying down, so, I stayed in bed most days."

While we aren't all football players in the NFL, these findings are relevant to each of us when it comes to the risks of concussions, the development of brain disorders, and receiving the proper treatment. Whether being hit in the head as a child while playing, or in a car accident as an adult, specific chiropractic adjustments can help improve many conditions like concussions and whiplash by adjusting Neuro-Structural shifts to normalize all functions in the body.

Many people choose to get adjusted on a regular basis because it continually helps improve their Neuro-Structure, which improves their function making them feel great. 

You can check out the full Stamford Advocate article here.

Neurodegenerative Disorders and Chiropractic Care

I recently attended a seminar focusing on neurodegenerative disorders in relation to brain trauma and de-generation. These disorders, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's and Dementia, have comparable qualities that contribute to each of the disorders’ formation and corresponding decline of bodily functions. 

A study looking at the anatomical alignment of the Foramen Magnum (hole in the bottom of your skull), brain, brainstem, and the first two vertebrae in the neck that protect those structures, reveals important insight into the alignment and flow of spinal fluid to the brain. When structures deviate from their normal position, they create compensatory movement and abnormal pressures. Pressures on the spine create secondary conditions such as these neurodegenerative disorders. By bringing structures back to a normal position, and range of motion, it allows for the individual pieces to contribute to overall normal functions in the body, and spinal fluid flow in and out of the brain. 

"The role of the Cranio-cervical junction in cranio-spinal hydrodynamics and neurodegenerative conditions" by Michael F. Flanagan published in the neurology research international November 30, 2015; [epub].

"A new model of the atlas subluxation is emerging: a misalignment between the atlas and occiput could compromise the venous drainage of the brain (spinal vein, internal jugular vein), compromise the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, and/or compromise the arterial supply (anterior and posterior spinal arteries, and vertebral arteries) to the brain."

Basically, this graphic shows a sketch of how connected the brainstem, brain, spinal cord, and blood circulatory system are in relationship with the structures that house and protect them, such as the upper spine and skull. 

At Platinum Chiropractic we take a very specific look into this area with our specific objective measures and diagnostics such as X-ray, thermography, surface electromyography, and functional examination, which guide our doctors in providing the most specific care for each individual.