30 Day Health Challenge Day 21

Tomorrow is your next chance to win a prize: a jar of yogurt from Living Cultures Superfoods

Day 21: Add Vegetables to Every Meal

To qualify for this week's prize: Take a picture of your best vegetable filled meal and include the recipe in the caption. Post it on Facebook or your Instagram page and include #platinumchirochallenge.

Our guest judges from Living Cultures Superfood will vote on the winning picture and the winner will receive a 16oz jar of Living Cultures yogurt. 

You must post your picture by Monday 9/4 at 11pm to be eligible.

Free Radicals or Anti-Oxidants

Every action in the human body requires a chemical process. As I am sure you are aware, when we eat and digest food, we break it down, absorbing it into our bodies. But have you considered that movement creates a chemical exchange as well? Its true. When we move our muscles, we activate chemicals that tell our muscles to contract and relax. And what happens to the resulting chemicals? They break down into smaller bits, get digested, absorbed, and eliminated. Even thinking uses neuro-chemicals that need to be broken down, digested, and eliminated. Some of these resulting ‘smaller bits’ are called free radicals. Free radicals are very volatile and negative to our body because they bind with cells, breaking them apart, and cause a chain reaction that ultimately leads to inflammation in our bodies. 

So what do we do? Stop eating, moving, and thinking... That would be impossible.

Luckily there are special nutrients that we get from fruits and veggies that are called anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are specialized molecules that bind with these free radicals, neutralizing and eliminating them from our bodies. Ideally, we require 8-10 servings daily of fresh organic produce. One way I recommend getting all of those servings in is via homemade smoothies.