Mobility Workshop Tuesday Jan 15

RSVP for the Head to Toe Spinal Show below. This will be an interactive mobility class featuring exercises and movements to help you heal faster, need less care, and see better results in both the short and long term.

Start 2019 off on the right foot by joining us for the Head to Toe Spinal Show, an interactive mobility based workshop. The doctor will be going over corrective exercises that rehabilitate your body, keep your joints healthy, and improve your mobility. 

Areas of focus will include tactics you can do on your own to relieve

  • Neck Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Low Back Pain

Reserve your spot today… space is limited. Friends and Family are always welcome.

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It's All In The Hips


Do you sit all day every day? If you're like most people then you probably sit for an average of 11 hours per day.

Do you wonder why your back hurts? One of the causes can be improper tensioning your hips.

Since your hips are directly tied in to your lower back, there are a few mobility stretches that can help alleviate this issue and help you restore your flexibility.

Come join us for this hip mobility class to learn more. RSVP today, space is limited.

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