What to Eat & Why

Nutrition Workshop Recap

During our nutrition workshop we talked about how the health of the people of the United States has been drastically decreasing and how our nutrition is hugely to blame. We have an entire industry selling medication for preventable diseases… What if we could reverse this trend?

The fundamental problems with our nutrition is that 

  • we over eat, 

  • we're malnourished, and 

  • we're overburdened with toxicity and unwanted chemicals that take energy to digest and eliminate from our bodies. 

Good nutrition requires a healthy gut system and microbiome in our bodies, which was the focus of the lecture. We talked about the kinds of behaviors and foods that cause a leaky and dysfunctional gut which predisposes us to becoming allergic to our foods and our environment. This in turn has caused a drastic rate of increase of auto immunity in our communities. Our microbiome, the probiotics and prebiotics, are what keep our guts healthy and we should be striving to include these in our diet. 

We also touched on macro and micro nutrients, how they add up to give us what we need for proper metabolism, and how they can be neglected and cause weight gain and malnourishment.

Here in the practice we focus on Neuro-Strucural Correction which looks at restoring the connection between the brain and the body (like the digestive system)

Here in the practice we focus on Neuro-Strucural Correction which looks at restoring the connection between the brain and the body (like the digestive system). We shared a study about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) being caused by improper nerve signals to the gut. This is why so many of our patients report having better digestion when they are under regular care. 

In the end we reiterated that nutrition needs to focus on healing the gut, eating whole nutritious foods, and how supplementation can help to round out our nutrition so that we make sure we're getting everything we need to live a healthy life free of disease.

Immune System Boost Recap

Last Tuesday we had our monthly seminar, which was on the topic 7 Ways to Bulletproof Your Immune System. The majority of the talk was about shifting our paradigm of what healthcare really is and what is most congruent to us as a human species. We discussed the concept of epigenetics and how your environment rather than your genes dictates your DNA and your health. Although it’s very hard to decide on the top ones, these seven actions are among the top for improving health naturally. As many of you know from personal experience, regular chiropractic care has very powerful natural and safe immune boosting qualities that have been documented with many health research studies, making it the most important item on our list.

7 Ways to Bulletproof your Immune System

  • Water – ½ your body weight (pounds) of ounces/ day
    • Example 200 pounds= 100 ounces of water
  • Exercise/ Movement - bonus for being outdoors
  • Probiotics/ Gut health
  • Omega 3 fatty acid and Vitamin D
  • Spices - garlic, onions, ginger, turmeric
  • Sleep/ Rest 6-9 hours per night
  • Chiropractic Adjustments

Hormones: What Are They?

Hormones are something we typically hear about when teenagers are going through puberty. What we don’t realize is that hormones are constantly regulating how our bodies work 24/7 throughout our lifetime. 

Hormones come from our endocrine system. The endocrine system (hormones) is the collection of glands of an organism that secrete hormones directly into the circulatory system (blood) to be carried towards distant target organs. (Wikipedia) Although the hormones circulate throughout the body, each type of hormone is targeted toward certain organs and tissues. There are many glands in our bodies that release hormones in order to control homeostasis, reproduction, metabolism, energy, and blood pressure, just to name a few. Your glands receive a signal from the brain and release hormones based on what the body is experiencing to make sure it adapts well to its environment. The most common hormone disease is diabetes, followed by thyroid disease. 

As we have been discussing, hormones are chemicals in our bodies that help to regulate and control the functions of our bodies. When these chemicals are interfered with, our bodies don’t function normally, leading to dis-regulation and eventually disease. There are many causes of disruption to our hormones. Our external environment such as the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe all influence this system from the outside in. This is common knowledge. 

Something that is not understood well by most people is the control mechanism of our hormones inside our bodies and how it is regulated and managed. The endocrine system (hormone system) is controlled and regulated by the nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Together they are called the neuroendocrine system. Your nervous system controls the specific release of hormones depending on the specific messages it receives. Your body has to have a complete connection in order to operate normally and ensure your hormone system can receive the correct messages sent by your brain, in order to keep you well. They work together constantly. 

Due to life, and trauma, there could be a spinal interruption (structural shift) to your neuroendocrine system, which causes it to malfunction. This interruption is usually caused in the central nervous system, spinal cord, and brain. 

At Platinum Chiropractic we focus on Neuro-Structural Correction, utilizing our diagnostics to test for any internal interruption, locate where it is, and correct the dysfunction in the communication system of your body. This allows the internal workings of the body to send and receive all messages, ensuring your neuroendocrine system can function just like it should.

Boosting Your Immunity with Chiropractic

Pero concluded that “chiropractic may optimize whatever genetic abilities you have” so that you can fully resist serious disease. “I’m very excited to see that without chemical intervention…this particular group of patients under chiropractic care, did show a very improved response, “ he told CBSRF. “These changes occur from chiropractic treatment.”

In 1975, Ronald Pero, PhD., chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute and professor of medicine in environmental health at New York University, began developing scientifically valid ways to estimate individual susceptibility to carious chronic disease. Pero and his colleagues found strong evidence that susceptibility to cancer could be gauged by the activities of various enzymes involved in metabolic and genetic change due to exposure to carcinogenic or “mutagenic” chemicals. An individual's immune system responsiveness, or immune competence, “also was directly linked to certain DNA-repairing enzymes, which provided an objective way to assess disease susceptibility." Lack of those enzymes Pero said, “definitely limits not only your lifespan, but also your ability to resist serious disease consequence.”

Pero was also fascinated by various hormones’ synergistic relationships with other cancer-inducing agents to promote disease. For example, thyroid hormones affect the early phases inducing of radiation and chemically induced cancer. If the thyroid produced too much of either thyroxine or thyroid-stimulating hormone, cancer risk greatly increases. Since the nervous system regulates hormonal balances, it too can influence susceptibility to cancer. Along these lines, various kinds of spinal cord injuries are accompanied by a high risk of developing cancer, particularly lymphomas and lymphatic leukemia’s. This connection led Pero to consider chiropractic as a potential alternative for reducing the risk of immune breakdown and disease.

In 1986 Pero collaborated with Joseph Flesia, D.C., chairman of the board of directors, for the Chiropractic Basic Science Foundation, Inc. With a hefty grant from CBSRF, they began a research project at the University of Lund in Lund, Sweden. Using Pero’s test to gauge resistance to hazardous environmental chemicals, they hypothesized that people with cancer would have a suppressed immune response to such a toxic burden, while healthy people and people receiving chiropractic care should have a relatively enhanced response.

Measuring 107 individuals who had received long-term chiropractic care, more than 2 years, Pero’s team turned up some surprising findings. All of the chiropractic patients were “genetically normal” – that is, they had no obvious genetic reasons for increased resistance or susceptibility to disease. Any difference, therefore, had to be accounted for by environmental or therapeutic factors. The chiropractic patients also had 200 percent greater immune competence that people who had not received chiropractic, and 400 percent greater immune competence that the people with cancer or other serious diseases. Surprisingly, despite a wide range of ages in this study, the immune-competence did not show a decline with age-it was uniform for the entire group.

Pero concluded that “chiropractic may optimize whatever genetic abilities you have” so that you can fully resist serious disease. “I’m very excited to see that without chemical intervention…this particular group of patients under chiropractic care, did show a very improved response, “ he told CBSRF. “These changes occur from chiropractic treatment.”

Just to be clear, at Platinum Chiropractic we do not treat any diseases such as cancer. We focus on Neuro-Structural correction of the spine and nervous system, which greatly enhances your chance and ability to regain and maintain good health. Don't miss December's workshop: 7 Ways to Bulletproof your Immune System

Objective Measures

Here at Platinum Chiropractic, we focus on a specific specialty of chiropractic care called Neuro-Structural correction, not symptom reduction. Structural shifts cause secondary conditions in the body such as pain, tension, poor mobility, and many others. When we correct the neuro-structure, those secondary conditions that are caused by a structural shift tend to go away.

We do this by taking many objective measures such as neuro scans, structural photographs, x-rays, and biomechanic testing. The second image is a thermography scan from a patient that has complaints of migraines and lower back pain. She was scheduled for surgery before she came to us. 

Chin Tucks: Good or Bad?

Did you know there is a special movement that only one part of your spine can bio-mechanically do? It is your skull and first cervical segment and the range of movement is called protraction and retraction (sliding forward and backwards without bending). You do this movement by sticking your chin out and tucking it in, as if your giving yourself a “double chin,” all without looking down or up.  Outside of the spine the only other places where such movement exists is the jaw and scapula’s (shoulder blades). All other motion such as flexion and extension (bending forward and backward), lateral flexion (side bending), and rotation can be accomplished with all other vertebrae (spinal segments).

As you know, the upper part of your neck is very important because that area protects your brain stem and other tissues vital to your health. Plus, your upper cervical spine leads the rest of your spine. That is why Neuro-Structural shifts in this region can be the cause of a myriad of secondary conditions such as leg pain. Not because they are directly involved, but because the compensation due to a shift causes downstream and upstream secondary effects and distorts the rest of the spine.  

When the spine shifts, it causes secondary conditions (symptoms).

When the spine shifts, it causes secondary conditions (symptoms).

This area is called the C0-C1 (occiput and C1) junction and the total movement forward and backward is about 25 degrees. The reason this matters is because almost everyone is missing this critical range of motion! Because of sitting, working on computers, looking down, texting, sticking out your chin so you don’t have chin rolls…. ;) we are in an epidemic of people who can’t pull their chin back. So this creates a cascade of issues to occur in the spine such as neck tightness, tension headaches, shoulder pain etc. 

Solution: At Platinum Chiropractic our solution includes specific adjustments to correct Neuro-Structural shifts and restore proper alignment and motion first. Then we teach specific neck exercises, advise on appropriate sleeping positions, along with other self care, in order to compliment the correction of Neuro-Structural shifts. One of the easiest and most important exercises to practice is tucking your chin in and pushing your head back over your shoulders. Do this when you stand, sit, even lifting weights. Try doing isometric (static) holds by retracting and pushing your head into your headrest of your car when you’re stopped at a red light (avoid looking up so you can maximize this range). It is a good way to release muscular tension as well as strengthening your neck. 

Stress and Your Health

Image from Well Adjusted Products

Image from Well Adjusted Products

We all know that too much stress can lead to decreased health; but how? 

Well, we know stress causes a fight or flight (sympathetic) response in our bodies. When this occurs, our bodies’ muscles create tension. When this tension is repetitive, chronic or severe enough, it causes a shift in the spine. And as we all know, neuro-structural shifts cause nerve interference and reduce our body’s optimal function, which leads to many secondary conditions ie. pain, illness, and depression. 

When stuck in fight or flight, our bodies are in a chronic state of stress, causing more tension and more nerve interference. Here’s how we at Platinum Chiropractic can help; neuro-structural adjustments break this viscous cycle and allow the body to restore to a more normal physiological state, known as homeostasis.  

This is just one of the reasons why it’s important to get checked on a regular basis, making sure your body is working in a healthy normal way, and not stuck in a sick, stressed out, and reduced resistance state.

Programmed for Health

You’re not sick because you have pneumonia; you have pneumonia because you are sick. 

This is a very important concept to understanding health, sickness, and disease. We talk a lot about how HEALTH is programmed into your body. Health is a default setting that is expressed when we perform genetically compatible actions, such as moving well, eating well, and thinking well.   

The unhappy person is the target for any and every type of illness.
— Bruce Larson from his book There’s a Lot More to Health Than Not Being Sick

Now, it’s not just about being happy. It's more about taking responsibility in your daily life to ensure you are doing the correct things in order to express normal health physiology rather than making choices that cause a stress reaction in your body.

Lets look at an example:

Once upon a time during a winter holiday, a family of five siblings came together to spend a week together. They each had one child that was 5 years of age. What a great time! They all had the same food, water, and exposure to the outdoors; a similar environment and lifestyle for that week. Unfortunately, one of the siblings had a cold when he arrived with the obvious symptoms of a runny nose, coughing, sneezing; the normal responses when you have a cold virus. But that didn’t stop him from playing with all the children, from tag to wrestling. 

The week following the holiday, some of the children started to show signs and symptoms of what the sick sibling had. Two of the children displayed exactly the same symptoms as the sick sibling, showing symptoms from the cold virus for a few days. Meanwhile two of the other children where absolutely normal, and one child was sick for an extra week. (Two normal, two sick, and one really sick).  The really sick child was taken to the medical doctor because his body was still showing stress physiology and was expressing signs and symptoms. They checked him out and diagnosed him with pneumonia. 

Now, pneumonia is an infection in the lung tissue, and has a longer healing time than a cold. Here is the question for you: How could three children contract from the same source and have a different response? This is because their immune systems were either healthy, strong, and resistant to bacteria and viruses, or were already sick, stressed, and weak, allowing the virus to infiltrate the defenses of the body. 

Sickness and disease are not entities in our body, they are the results caused from a lack of health. Health is a state of being that we have a response-ability to maintain with our actions and choices. When we are healthy, we don’t have disease or sickness by random chance. Remember, you’re not sick because you have pneumonia, you have pneumonia because you are already sick. Pneumonia just happens to be one way your body is trying to adapt to being sick.

At Platinum Chiropractic our goal is to maintain your spine and nerve system in a healthy state so the operating system of your body can respond and adapt to the environment, keeping you well. Does this mean you will never experience a cold from time to time? No, but by keeping your body in a healthy state, you will recover faster and more normally without side effects.

Hip Flexors

Hip flexors are muscles that cross our hip region, allowing us to bring our legs up to our torso, such as in walking and running. There are two groups of hip flexors; the quadriceps located on the front of your thigh, and the iliopsoas, which attach to your spine from your leg.


Sitting, as well as biking and running (just to name a few activities) tighten these muscles, reducing our ability to function normally. Often times the tightening of your hip flexors causes your hips and spine to shift, which creates Nuero-Structural issues. In fact, hip flexors can become so tight that they limit our ability to stand upright and cause low back pain. 

Below are two variations of a stretch you can perform to combat the tightening of your hip flexors. The first variation targets the quadricep portion of your hip flexor. For the second variation, target your iliopsoas by tucking your pelvis and tailbone under as seen in the photo. Try this out. Two minutes per side minimum. Remember, two minutes as compared to how long you sit every day isn't very long.

Variation 1: targets quadricep area portion of your hip flexor by pushing your hips forward and down.

Variation 1: targets quadricep area portion of your hip flexor by pushing your hips forward and down.

Variation 2: targets your iliopsoas by tucking your pelvis and tailbone under.

Variation 2: targets your iliopsoas by tucking your pelvis and tailbone under.