Nutrition and Wellness

Emotions and Chiropractic

One of the biggest benefits of an adjustment is how it changes a person’s life instantly from a psychological, emotional, and neurological point of view. When you are adjusted, your nervous system becomes relaxed and at ease. Your nervous system shifts from Sympathetic (fight or flight, stressed, tense) physiology, to a more balanced Parasympathetic (rest, …

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Webinar Recording: How to Strengthen Your Immune System

For week four of talking about our immune systems and how to keep them strong, we have the recording of last week’s zoom webinar. We invite you to share this video with any friends and family that you think could benefit from our care here at Platinum Chiropractic. At the end of the video, there …

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Webinar Recording: How to Strengthen Your Immune System

Focus on Gut Health

Immune System Tip # 2… By now everybody has heard of gut health and how important it is to our overall health and immune system. This is because there is an important connection between your digestive system and your brain. What’s more, recent studies show that your brain affects your gut health and your gut …

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Focus on Gut Health

Sleep and Your Immune System

You all ready for Tip #1? When we look at our immune systems, our goal is to help our innate immune system work how it was designed. One of the most important actions we can take to help our immune system function normally is to sleep. Reduced sleep actually increases inflammation in our bodies, reducing …

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Immune System Health Month

This week kicks off our series on Immune System Health! Our goal is to give you some tips you can implement right away so that by the time proper flu season rolls around you are in the best position you can be in! It has never been so important for us to each do everything …

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Drug-Free Healthcare

This healing is constant, 24/7, and is regulated by your brain. Your brain and your body stay connected through multiple systems, the master of which is the nervous system. And where is your nervous system housed? Yep, you guessed it, your spine! When everything in your body is connected and working correctly, without interference, all …

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Stretches to Release Neck Tension

Tension builds in our neck and upper back throughout the day, especially if we are sitting and working at a desk. When tension builds in the muscles, we start limiting motion in our joints and that leads to less motion, more pain, more degeneration, and decreased health. Start doing these stretches throughout your day to …

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Asthma & Chiropractic

(Take a Deep Breath) Asthma is one of the fastest-growing chronic conditions in the United States with over 15 million Americans affected, including four million children. The death rate from asthma has increased more than 66% since 1980, with 3,564 annual deaths attributed to asthma in 2017.  Americans spend over six billion annually on asthma …

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Secret Stretches to Prevent Pain

Interactive Mobility Class On Tuesday, March 10, Dr. Karo Isajan will be teaching an Interactive Mobility Class: Secret Stretches to Prevent Pain. We will be going over the best stretches for eliminating pain and bringing a better flow and ease to your body. This class will focus on the whole body, covering the best stretches …

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