emotional health

Emotional Stress and Cancer Awareness

For the month of October we have been disucssing Breast Cancer Prevention. Remember, there are three types of stress, physical, chemical, and emotional, that impact our health. In order to be and stay healthy we need to eat well, think well, and move well consitantly for a period of time. With that in mind, first, …

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Emotions and Chiropractic

Emotions and Chiropractic? One of the biggest benefits of an adjustment is how it changes a person’s life instantly from a psychological, emotional, and neurological point of view. When you are adjusted, your nervous system becomes relaxed and at ease. Your nervous system shifts from Sympathetic (fight or flight, stressed, tense) physiology, to a more …

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Your Second Brain

Take a look at this video about how your digestive system interacts with your brain, emotions, and overall health. Some interesting stuff to think about. Check it out!