Hip Flexors

Health Challenge Day 20: Declutter Your Space

For Friday we are going all “Marie Kondo” (Tv show on Netflix) and cleaning up! Day 20’s challenge is to Declutter Your Desk. 

While we can’t get rid of everything that doesn’t “spark joy” and still keep our jobs, according to a study…

Health Challenge Day 19: Get Sweaty

Day 19’s challenge… Get Sweaty. Now that we are all warmed up from standing up once an hour, tomorrow’s challenge is to be physically active enough to break a sweat. 

Health Challenge Day 18: Stand Up

Since we could do today’s challenge from the comfort of our desk chair, Day 18’s challenge is; Stand Up at Least Once an Hour while you are awake. Seems pretty basic right? However,

Health Challenge Day 17: Hip Mobility

Ready for Day 17? We are moving on to Hip Mobility! Accumulate 8 minutes each side throughout the day. Check out this video from Dr. Karo. He has a movement that great for you hip and you can even do while sitting at work!