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It’s All In The Hips Recap

Here is an excerpt from last Tuesday’s “It’s All In The Hips” mobility workshop. Here, Dr. Karo discusses the biomechanics of your hips and how your hips and pelvis relate to your lower back. For more, stay tuned to our social media channels. Instagram: @platinumchiro Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: @drkaro

Mobility Class: Move Your Spine

A Joint Health Workshop Friends and family welcome for our Mobility Class: Move Your Spine Workshop. Tomorrow is the day! For August’s workshop Dr. Karo will be focusing on joint health, in particular your spine, because who doesn’t want to prevent spinal degeneration! Come learn how to manage the daily wear and tear on our …

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Tips for Joint Health

Interested in learning more about keep your joints (and especially your spine) healthy? Come to our workshop on August 14… Move Your Spine. Dr. Karo will be leading a mobility class full strategies to maximize your Neuro-Strucutral chiropractic care  for both the short and long term. While there are several different types of joints in the …

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