Here Comes the Sun: Vitamin D is Here!

Are you getting enough vitamin D? Vitamin D can help reduce your risk of the flu, cancer, muscle aches, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and osteoporosis. Well, not literally, but if you live in Santa Clara CA, home of Platinum Chiropractic, you’ll be happy to know that beginning last week being out in the …

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Platinum Chiropractic Health Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 of our Patient Appreciation Challenge, Read a health-related article. Hope you all enjoyed getting your hands into some soil today. For Day 4’s challenge, instead of reading your social media feed today, read a health-related  article to supplement your knowledge. Below are a few you might find interesting.

Movement to Test Your Nervous System Health

Movement and strength are signs of a healthy functioning Nervous System. Your brain is designed to move your body in order to secure resources to maintain health and survival. When we examine people neurologically at Platinum Chiropractic, we are looking at things like their posture, balance, gait, and muscle strength because it gives us an …

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