movement deficiency

Movement Deficiency Syndrome

Dr. James Chestnut, who we had the opportunity to see present this weekend, coined the term ‘Movement Deficiency Syndrome’ to identify the necessity of both physical activity and exercise on human physiology, function, and health. Physical activity and exercise are necessary components to keeping our bodies in working order, via supporting our genetic requirement for sufficient and pure …

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30 Day Health Challenge Day 25

Hard to believe we are already on to Day 25, only have 5 days left! So far you have all done an excellent job sticking to the challenges. Up for tomorrow, go for a Jog Outside for 20 Minutes. Good thing you mobilized your hips today. #platinumchirochallenge  

30 Day Health Challenge Day 14

Day 14 is a perfect way to spend your Sunday, a 15-Minute Walk Outside. This week’s raffle: A $50 Gift Certificate to Whole Foods courtesy of Fairprice Movers! To qualify: Take a scenic picture from you walk. Post it on YOUR Facebook and/or Instagram page and include #platinumchirochallenge so we can find it. The picture …

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30 Day Health Challenge Day 13

The weekend is here! Lets celebrate by getting back into those couch stretches. Day 13: Couch Stretch for 3 minutes each side…. are you noticing a pattern? The couch stretch is excellent for combating all of the sitting we do in our daily lives. When we sit we are actively shortening and damaging our hips! …

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30 Day Health Challenge Day 10

Thoracic Spine Mobility is on the docket for Day 10. Accumulate 5 minutes throughout the day, in increments no shorter than 1 minute each. Take a look at Dr. Karo’s video on Facebook and Instagram for details. #platinumchirochallenge  

Movement to Test Your Nervous System Health

Movement and strength are signs of a healthy functioning Nervous System. Your brain is designed to move your body in order to secure resources to maintain health and survival. When we examine people neurologically at Platinum Chiropractic, we are looking at things like their posture, balance, gait, and muscle strength because it gives us an …

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