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Muscle Tension

How to Boost Immunity & Reduce Pain

We are now able to offer a medicine that… Boosts the immune system Lowers stress hormones Reduces pain Relaxes your muscles Prevents heart disease Eases anxiety and fear Improves mood Sound exciting? It’s laughter. Laughter relaxes our entire body, triggering the release of endorphins. These delightful chemicals give us a sense of well-being and can …

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Vitamin D Days are Over

Why is supplementing Vitamin D so important? Who wouldn’t want to reduce their risk of the flu, cancer, muscle aches, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and osteoporosis? At our practice in Santa Clara we carry the best and highest quality vitamin D supplement we have found, made by Innate Choice . For this year anyway… …

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Neuro-Structural Correction

What is Neuro-Structural Corrections, and how is Platinum Chiropractic different from other chiropractors? Since most chiropractors in this area are of the conventional variety, I think a great place to start would be to define what is considered to be “conventional chiropractic” care. Conventional chiropractic has the following goals. Decrease muscular spasm Increase range of …

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Shoulder Love

Our patients often ask for shoulder stretches, so we put together this video (click on the image link above) demonstrating some easy ways to stretch that are good for your body and your shoulders. You don’t need any equipment to do them; all you need is a wall. However if you do have the tools, …

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Chin Tucks: Good or Bad?

Chin Tucks? Did you know there is a special movement that only one part of your spine can bio-mechanically do? It is your skull and first cervical segment and the range of movement is called protraction and retraction (sliding forward and backwards without bending). You do this movement by sticking your chin out and tucking …

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