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Focus on Gut Health

Our immune system resilience (i.e., our ability to adapt and fight off bacteria and viruses) is dependent on our gut health. But unfortunately, our gut systems get abused during this time of year because of all the holiday food, treats, and alcohol. The biggest offenders to your gut health aside from antibiotics are alcohol, sugar, …

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Immune System Health Month

You all ready for Tip #4? I bet you can guess what it is based on our event last week. Yep, you guessed it, Fasting is another great way to strengthen your immune system response naturally, to help you better adapt and fight off potential viruses and pathogens. Take a look at our recap of …

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Bulletproof Your Immune System Tip #3

We are moving on to tip 3 of our Bulletproof your Immune system series for Immune Health Month. If you missed weeks one and two, you can check them out here. This may seem like an obvious one, but its importance cannot be understated. Tip #3 is Get Lots of Rest! Get Lots of Rest Studies continually show that 8 hours …

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