No Surgery

How Does The Body Heal Itself?

Last week we talked about getting and staying healthy with Chiropractic care throughout your life and how you can reduce your medical costs, pharmaceutical usage, hospital stays, and surgeries. Check out that article here. This week, let’s talk about what “Health” really means. It’s right there in the word, heal. Healing is the regular and normal production …

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Why Cut What Can Be Untied?

The Rubber Band Game… Ever played? When the physical obstruction leading to secondary issues (loss of circulation, finger ache, skin color changes) is removed, the finger can eventually return to more normal feeling AND function (assuming the damage isn’t irreparable). Here’s how the ‘game’ works: Wrap a rubber band around one of your fingers. Within a …

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Common But Not Normal

Headaches and Back Pain The most convenient treatment is to ingest a drug that will fool the body into not feeling its own cry for help. It’s convenient, fast and cheap. But it ignores the underlying cause, which, more often than not, is a Neuro-Structural shift putting pressure on the nerves and muscles of the …

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