Reduce Surgeries

60-watts, or 100?

That depends on YOUR individualized needs. Everyone is different, so we use objective measures and offer individualized care plans based on your needs and health goals. The purpose of a Neuro-Structural Chiropractic adjustment is to restore the normal biomechanical function of your spinal column and to clear any neurological interference. We do this to ensure …

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New Year Check In

How is everyone feeling after the holidays? Stiff? Achy? Inflamed? “But all I did over the holiday was relax…” This is something we hear over and over this time of year. And reminds us that Neuro-Structural Shifts are caused by stress on the body that comes in 3 forms: Chemical Stress (foods, drinks, medications, etc.) …

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Can Food Reduce My Healing?

Some common foods that cause inflammation and reduce healing: Dairy, milk, cheese Grains, bread, pasta, cereal Cured meats, salami, bacon Processed food, pastries, cake, sugary drinks Fried foods, potato chips, french fries, fried chicken These foods are harder to digest by our bodies, they cause inflammation in our gut, feed the bad bacteria in our …

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Can Food Reduce My Healing?

New Years Nutrition

Platinum Nutrition Program to Create Healthy Habits For many of us, once the holiday season is in full swing, our diet and nutrition goals fly right out the window. But not to worry, we have your back! The Platinum Nutrition Program (PNP) is a great way to: re-set after the holidays, start 2022 off as …

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New Years Nutrition

An Ounce of Prevention

Many people find the end of the year to be an extra stressful time. Some of the additional forms of stress people experience include: holiday foods, alcohol, sugar and cookies 😉 extra social engagements, year end work/school pressure, family pressure, cold weather, and travel. We already know that stress in any form is what leads …

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An Ounce of Prevention

Mental Health Exercise

Gratitude & Your Health Did you know that writing down 5 things you’re grateful for everyday can have significant beneficial affects on your health? It’s true! The science is pretty solid, being grateful for the good things in your life — even the tiny ones — may be a way to train your brain to …

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Shifts Happen… But How?

What Causes a Neuro-Structural Shift? The short answer, STRESS! A Neuro-Structural Shift or NS Shift occurs during stress. Stress comes in three different forms, Physical, Chemical, and Emotional. When these stressors are too much for your body, your spine and nervous system compensate by creating a NS Shift. An example of Chemical stress is eating …

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Shift Happens!

What is a Neuro-Structural Shift? Two weeks ago, we talked in-depth about exactly what Neuro-Structural Correction is. If you missed it, you can check it out on our blog here. This week, we will elaborate on what a Neuro-Structural Shift is, how it leads to dis-ease, and how it impacts you and your ability to …

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What Is Neuro-Structural Correction?

At Platinum, we focus in Neruo-Structural Correction. But what is Neuro-Structural Correction, and how is Platinum Chiropractic different from other chiropractors? Since most chiropractors are of the conventional variety, I think a great place to start would be to define what is considered to be “conventional chiropractic” care. Conventional chiropractic has the following goals. Decrease …

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Systems Approach to Health

Diet/nutrition is one of the most important aspects to consider to get truly healthy and well. Food, water, supplements all work together to build healthy new cells for our body to use as a whole. Rather than looking at a specific deficiency of a possible nutrient, which is also very valuable, I like to think …

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Systems Approach to Health

Mobility Discs

You have been asking all week, “What is that new blue disc sitting on the chairs?” It’s a Mobility Disc for you to use before and/or after your adjustments. Once Kristen has directed you back into the adjusting room, you can sit on it and move your pelvis left to right, front to back, and …

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Mobility Discs

Bad Health Runs In My Family… It’s Genetic

or is it? You’ve probably heard someone say that a health condition they have comes from their family gene pool. A common and often helpless saying is, “Cancer runs in my family.” The belief is that cancer, or any other health condition that a person may be struggling with, is caused by their genetics, that …

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ADIO is an acronym that we talk about in chiropractic philosophy. It stands for Above Down Inside Out This acronym is a reminder of how our bodies work, heal, and express life. All of our health and life come from above in our brain, down through our spinal cord, through our nervous system, and out …

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Feed Your Immune System

Tip #6: You Are What You Eat We couldn’t talk about supporting our immune systems without talking about Nutrition. What we put into our bodies impacts how our bodies function and defend us from infections or illnesses.  When we talk about nutrition, we are talking about the process of ingestion, digestion, absorption, and utilization of …

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Feed Your Immune System

Exercise & Your Immune System

Ready for Tip # 5? Exercise/Movement! We hear it all of the time right? Exercise to stay healthy. But what is it that is so important about exercise and movement? Movement is genetically essential for our DNA. That means how you move or don’t move is very important to your health. We need healthy signals …

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Meet Our Molekule

This week for Immune System Health we want to take a more in depth look at the Molekule Air Purifier we have in the practice. The Molekule cleans and purifies our air from not only smoke and chemicals, but also over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. University of Minnesota testing proves Molekule’s PECO (10X more …

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Sun Sun Sun Here We Come!

Immune System Health Month Tip #3 We are sure you have heard it before, but it is so important it bears repeating. Having the proper levels of Vitamin D is ESSENTIAL to having a Strong Immune System. It acts like a hormone and enables our immune system to have resources and fast-acting soldiers that protect …

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Immune System Health Tip #2

By now, everybody has heard of gut health and how important it is to our overall health and immune system. This is because there is an important connection between your digestive system and your brain. What’s more, recent studies show that your brain affects your gut health, and your gut affects your brain health.  The …

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Sleep & Your Immune System

Immune System Health Month Tip #1 We had some great guesses for what Tip #1 would be. Did you cast your vote? When we look at our immune systems, our goal is to help our innate immune system work how it was designed. One of the most important actions we can take to help our …

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Get Ahead of the Game!

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes more BBQs, more time outside, and an increase in our skin’s exposure to UV rays. Historically, we’ve been instructed to cover up, avoid the midday rays, and slather on sunscreen. But despite these warnings, the incidence of skin cancer is still on the rise. In fact, …

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