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spinal degeneration

Mobility Class: Move Your Spine

A Joint Health Workshop Friends and family welcome for our Mobility Class: Move Your Spine Workshop. Tomorrow is the day! For August’s workshop Dr. Karo will be focusing on joint health, in particular your spine, because who doesn’t want to prevent spinal degeneration! Come learn how to manage the daily wear and tear on our …

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Normal is Not an Option

At Platinum Chiropractic we focus on Neuro-Structural Correction because restoring and protecting your body’s normal structural alignment is a key factor in maintaining optimal health and wellness. We all know the human body has a normal temperature, a normal range for blood pressure, and normal eyesight, but most of us are unaware that there is also …

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Neuro-Structural Correction

What is Neuro-Structural Corrections, and how is Platinum Chiropractic different from other chiropractors? Since most chiropractors in this area are of the conventional variety, I think a great place to start would be to define what is considered to be “conventional chiropractic” care. Conventional chiropractic has the following goals. Decrease muscular spasm Increase range of …

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Objective Measures

Here at Platinum Chiropractic, we focus on a specific specialty of chiropractic care called Neuro-Structural correction, not symptom reduction. Structural shifts cause secondary conditions in the body such as pain, tension, poor mobility, and many others. When we correct the neuro-structure, those secondary conditions that are caused by a structural shift tend to go away. …

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Neurodegenerative Disorders and Chiropractic Care

Neurodegenerative and Chiropractic Care? I recently attended a seminar focusing on neurodegenerative disorders in relation to brain trauma and de-generation. These disorders, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, have comparable qualities that contribute to each of the disorders’ formation and corresponding decline of bodily functions. A study looking at the anatomical alignment of the Foramen …

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