Massage, Physical Therapy, & Chiropractic

How do these different approaches to physical care help to resolve your health concerns? Each of these approaches have their place in your care, but each work in different ways. Let’s use a house as an analogy. Imagine you start noticing difficulty in sliding the house windows up and down, or the doors not shutting …

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What is Protection?

  When a patient has completed their Neuro-Structural Corrective Care Plan and achieved great results, they become eligible for Protection Care. People choose to come in and get checked for Neuro-Structural Shifts because, even though they no longer have glaring symptoms, they want to protect their structure from drifting and or shifting and maintain the …

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Objective Measures

Here at Platinum Chiropractic, we focus on a specific specialty of chiropractic care called Neuro-Structural correction, not symptom reduction. Structural shifts cause secondary conditions in the body such as pain, tension, poor mobility, and many others. When we correct the neuro-structure, those secondary conditions that are caused by a structural shift tend to go away. …

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